Wilde and Divine: The Twenty Year Friendship of Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt

An exploration of the 20 year friendship of Sarah Bernhardt and the roguish Oscar Wilde, who dubbed her, "The Divine Sarah".

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The First Superstar

The Life And Times Of Sarah Bernhardt, 1844-1923

The Czar of all Russia knelt to her, the Prince of Wales befriended her, and a prince of Belgium sired her only son. In short, all the great men of her era, -- princes, czars, poets, and generals, -- "all" -- became eager lovers and little boys when blessed with her presence. A siren, a goddess, the immortal beauty that defied explanation and cast a legendary shadow of sensuality across light years and became, as Oscar Wilde dubbed her, "Divine."

The Divine Trilogy: The Life And Times Of French Actress, Sarah Bernhardt, As Produced In Reparatory

The Divine Trilogy takes us from the humble birth of Sarah, through her 20 year friendship with Oscar Wilde, and finally to her deathbed where she lies in a coma as more than 250,000 Parisians hold a candelight vigil in the streets below.