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The Divine Trilogy: The Life And Times Of French Actress, Sarah Bernhardt, As Produced In Reparatory

Author: Robert W. Cabell

Part One of the Divine Trilogy takes us from the humble birth of Sarah in Paris by a Dutch Jewish Courtesan and a French Lawyer, to her miraculous rise as the worlds most famous actress. Her absent mother, occupied with relationships at Napoleon's court, ships Sarah off to a convent where her fascination with the catholic religion further separates her from her family. Shown are her legendary coffin, torrid romances, heroism in war, flights in hot-air-balloons and international escapades. She arrives in America for her first of 5 tours as the worlds most notorious woman of her times.

Part Two delves into the 20 year friendship between Sarah Bernhardt and Oscar Wilde, who dubbed her "The Divine Sarah." The action reveals the extraordinary aspects of their private lives and careers. The tragic similarities of their obsessions with their mothers, younger men and siblings create tender and tearful insight rife with wicked wit.

Part Three begins in the final moments of the legendary Bernhardt's life. As she lies in a coma more than 250,000 Parisians hold a candelight vigil in the streets below. Sarah sees her life flowing past. From the Czar of Russia kneeling at her feet, to the Emperor of Brazil drenching her in emeralds, through the destruction of her family and loved ones by drugs, she takes us through her golden years. In an era plagued by anti-Semitism, prudishness and a class system, this unwed mother was the friend and confident of English royalty, loved by the crown heads of Europe and the muse and leading lady to the literary giants of her time.

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