• Pages: 84
  • Publisher: Warrington Publications
  • Language: English
  • Paperback ISBN/EAN13: 978-0988969834 / 0988969831
  • ISBN / EAN13: 978-0988969834 / 0988969831
  • Genre: Non-fiction Biography

Wilde and Divine: The Twenty Year Friendship of Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt

Author: Robert W. Cabell

Wilde And Divine explores the 20 year friendship of Sarah Bernhardt and the roguish Oscar Wilde, who dubbed her, "The Divine Sarah". The action takes place during a theatrical tribute to Sarah, hosted by Oscar that serves to reveal the more extraordinary aspects of their private lives and incandescent careers. They relive and remember the moments that shaped their careers and their fate. The tragic similarities of their obsessions with their mothers, younger men and siblings creates an insight into their relationship that is tender, tearful and wicked in its wit.

About the Author

Robert W. Cabell has spent three decades working in the New York entertainment industry with giants like Time Warner, HBO, Spelling International, Columbia Pictures, and the NY Post. His first debut novel "The Hair-Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde" received unanimous rave reviews from coast to coast. In 2012 he premiered "All The Mermaids In The Sea" and 2013 brings the first spin-off series, "The Mermaid Adventures Of Princess Miranda."